Milling machines for training are subject to special requirements.

Buy milling machines for training and teaching workshop

The universal milling and drilling machines from ABENE are ideal machines for training and further education in the CNC field and should not be missing in any training workshop. They can be used universally and can mill both vertically and horizontally as well as at any angle in between. Further plus points are the easy-to-use hand wheels in all axes and the quick and easy changeover from manual to CNC operation.

CNC milling machines for training - what should I look out for?

Universal milling machines are particularly well suited for CNC training. These are universal tool milling machines that the trainees can operate conventionally and CNC-controlled. They should be able to mill both horizontally and vertically. Very well suited as a CNC training machine is the ABENE VHF 330 with the Heidenhain TNC-620 control or a Siemens SINUMERIK ONE or 828D.

Which milling machine is suitable for the training workshop?

If you are looking for a decent CNC machine for training, you should pay attention to the following points: Basically, the milling machine should be able to mill vertically and horizontally. In addition, trainees should be able to operate it manually and with CNC. Other important requirements for milling machines for training and further education:

  • Easy handling through, for example, additional handwheels in all axes and manual operation.
  • Direct and user-friendly access to the workpiece
  • The CNC training machine should be easy to maintain.
  • Appealing user interface for quick learning success
  • Easy tool change
  • Compact design so that the machine also fits into a small training workshop
  • Clear machine layout for quick familiarization
  • Simple and safe changeover from manual machining to CNC machining possible by means of a key switch

Which control fits for CNC training?

A milling machine for training needs the right control. This makes it possible to switch quickly and safely from conventional to CNC machining. This works, for example, with the Heidenhain TNC 620/640 and the SINUMERIK ONE (successor to the Siemens 840 D).

Advantages of HEIDENHAIN controls: These are particularly practice-oriented, very versatile and powerful. They are set up quickly and offer high performance while being very easy to operate. SIEMENS controls offer the complete portfolio of CNC controls for machine tools for training and industry. The SINUMERIK line of CNC controls offers the right automation solution for every machine - for the training workshop, industry, job shop, as well as single-part and high-volume production. With Siemens, digitization is child's play.

What can the controls for milling machines?

All our controllers are user-friendly and practice-oriented. They are very well suited for use in training companies and teaching workshops because they are versatile, powerful and easy to operate.

The basic model: the Heidenhain TNC 128 is a section control that runs one section at a time.

CNC controls: The Heidenhain TNC 620, the TNC /, as well as the new Siemens One controls are full CNC controls. With these control systems, you can mill almost any shape.

Why choose an ABENE milling machine for training and teaching workshop?

The ABENE universal milling and drilling machine offers everything a CNC training machine needs:

  • Trainees can mill vertically, horizontally and at all angles in between.
  • In addition, it is easy to switch between manual and CNC operation.

What makes the ABENE machines particularly suitable for training and further education:

  • The operation is very easy to learn - for quick success and high motivation in training.
  • With ABENE machines, horizontal machining up to 80 mm table height is possible, only machines from ABENE can do that.
  • The special inclined bed concept allows you to change over the machine quickly and easily.

Slant bed concept on ABENE milling machines - what exactly is it?

ABENE milling machines are all based on the inclined bed concept. This means: The CNC machine moves over an inclined machine bed at the rear part of the milling machine. The spindle head of the milling machine is located on the side.
This inclined bed concept allows you to change over the machine in a very short time and in just a few steps: You simply loosen 4 screw nuts directly on the spindle head and swivel the milling spindle. The machine is already converted from vertical to horizontal machining.

What is the structure of the ABENE milling machine?

The milling machine setup at ABENE at a glance:

  • elaborate ribbed cast construction
  • hardened and ground flat guide, vertical
  • hardened and ground dovetail guides, longitudinal and transverse
  • automatic axis clamping in all axes
  • ball screws in all axes:
    • X-axis diameter 32mm
    • Y-axis diameter 32mm
    • Z-axis diameter 40mm
  • High quality covers for all ball screws
  • Distance-coded linear path measuring systems, direct, incremental, resolution 0.001 mm
  • Collision protection monitoring in all axes by electronic threshold value monitoring
  • Table enclosure with sliding doors
  • Mechanical handwheels:
    • Mechanical handwheels in X and Y directly on the spindle
    • Electronic handwheel in Z, ergonomically mounted
  • Automatic central lubrication, incl. lubricant
  • Rotatable control panel at the front, on swivel arm on base frame

Accessories and other equipment for ABENE milling machines

In addition to the extensive and practical basic equipment, we offer the following accessories for ABENE milling machines:

  • Spindle speed up to 5,000 rpm.
  • Drilling spindle 75 mm
  • Drilling spindle fine feed 3 mm per revolution
  • counter holder for milling with disc cutter
  • 4th axis

What materials can ABENE milling machine for education and industry?

With an ABENE milling machine you have a universal CNC machine with which you can machine all important materials in the training and teaching workshop:

  • Steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Tool steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • All non-ferrous metals such as:
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Nickel
    • Magnesium
    • Lead etc.
  • Alloys such as brass and bronze
  • Plastic

What is the travel and spindle speed of the ABENE milling machine?

Travels of the ABENE VHF 330 CNC drilling and milling machine:

  • X 600 mm
  • Y 500 mm
  • Z 450 mm
  • spindle speed: 55-4.000 rpm (optional 5.000 rpm)

Travels of the ABENE VHF 360 CNC drilling and milling machine:

  • X 650 mm (optional 800 mm)
  • Y 500 mm
  • Z 475 mm
  • spindle speed: 55-4.000 rpm (optional 5.000 rpm)

Travels of the ABENE VHF 380 CNC drilling and milling machine:

  • X 800 mm
  • Y 500 mm
  • Z 475 mm
  • spindle speed: 55-4.000 rpm (optional 5.000 rpm)

What is the gearbox of ABENE milling machine for education and industry?

All ABENE machines have a two-stage gearbox. The 2-stage transmission shifts automatically:

1st gear: 55-1,000 rpm. 2nd gear: 1,001-4,000 rpm.

ABENE milling machines for training:

Can the ABENE Universal Milling Machine be operated conventionally and CNC controlled?

Yes, all machines can be operated easily and safely via a key switch. Here you activate the control if required and the CNC machine becomes a manual machine with the function of a 3-axis digital display in the blink of an eye.

Can the control also be switched with a Siemens control?

Even if you already have a Siemens control on your machine, the ABENE milling machine can be switched over without any problems. Switching the operation is possible with a Siemens control as well as with a Heidenhain control.

Maintenance for milling machine for education and industry

How does maintenance work for an ABENE universal milling machine for training companies, training workshops and industry? Who maintains it and how is the machine serviced? We do not leave you alone with your milling machine. Our service technicians maintain your machine for you according to the maintenance schedule.

How does the machine service for the milling machine work?


There is a problem with your milling machine in the training company or in the training workshop? A wear part needs to be replaced or something is defective? Just give us a call. We will advise you competently and comprehensively. Since we have almost all spare parts in stock, a repair and overhaul of your CNC milling machine is also possible at short notice. The repair is carried out by our trained personnel, who will assist you with words and deeds. On request, we can also deliver spare parts directly to you at short notice.


To enable you to work and train on your machine with as little interruption as possible, we recommend our maintenance plan: This is preventive maintenance. At a pre-determined interval, we check the machine and detect worn components before the machine breaks down. Therefore, we can replace the parts in time and you can work with the machine without interruption.


ACROLOC Service:

Your milling machine has a defect or needs maintenance and service? Please tell us your name and have the machine type, machine number and, if available, the spare part number ready.

Our service hotline: (0) 7121 9835-0

E-mail: service(at)

Service request via homepage

Our ACROLOC service offer for your ABENE milling machine:

Whatever you need - we are there for you and your ABENE milling machine. You will receive the following services from us:

  • Machine maintenance according to maintenance schedule
  • Exchange of defective spare parts
  • Exchange and repair of the CNC control
  • Attachment of 4-axis CNC rotary tables
  • Attachment of workpiece touch probes:
    • Heidenhain TS 260
    • Heidenhain TS 460
    • Blum workpiece touch probes
    • Hexagon workpiece touch probes
    • Renishaw workpiece touch probes
  • Attachment of tool touch probes:
    • Heidenhain TT 160
    • Heidenhain TT 460
  • Adjustment and cleaning of glass scales
  • Ball screw renewal and repair
  • Full spindle service
  • New adjustment and scraping of guides


  • Network connections and realization of industry 4.0 solutions
  • Geometry measurement
  • Telephone support
  • Machine relocations
  • Machine evaluations
  • Trainings
  • General overhaul of milling machines

Why buy a milling machine for training from ACROLOC?

There are numerous reasons that speak for us. The many years of experience in the field of milling machines for industry and education is just one of them. Feel free to ask us, we have numerous references from many training centers and universities that we will be happy to show you.

In addition, we offer everything from a single source, from commissioning and maintenance to spare parts deliveries and services. In addition, we offer you further advantages such as financing offers.

In addition to all these advantages, it is above all our motivated team that speaks for ACROLOC. Our company structure is compact with short ways and room for quick decisions. We make these decisions efficiently and always in the interest of our customers. We pride ourselves on our close proximity to our customers and our ability to react quickly and be there for them. But we are not only fast - we are also comprehensively trained and highly qualified.

You want to buy a milling machine for training?

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